Hey cuties!

Omg can you believe it’s April! I cant, I legit wrote march when I first drafted this and then had to check myself. bananas. this year has been flying by and we’re already on our FORTH color of month: blush!

So if you’re loyal af and follow along on stories (hiiii fav followers …. jk, well kinda) then you already know that the color of the month for April is blush. But what you don’t know, because no one knows not even Paris is that we’re doing it a little differently this month to bring you MORE blush without breaking the bank, with what I’m calling Daily Blush.

Daily blush is essentially 30 days of blush colored buys. So everyday this month I’ll be bringing you a crush worthy blush find. Everything will be under $100 and most of them will be under $25. This will span all categories: beauty, fashion, lifestyle and more. I’ve been working all year collecting the BEST pieces to share for you so I cant wait for you to test them out.

These #dailyblush favs will all be shared exclusively on stories, so check my instagram stories everyday to make sure you don’t miss one. After the stories expire, I’ll link them up here for you so you can continue to shop or find the links all in one place – but you’ll miss out on my story review so make sure you’re watching.That means I’ll be updating this blog post ( daily throughout the month of April. OH AND we already on day 8 of the month, and I haven’t shared any yet … oops. So I’ll be doubling up on a few days to catch up. Those double days will be giveaway days, where you’ll have a chance to WIN my favorite blush finds for free by liking and commenting on my feed photos youtube videos or, which hopefully you already do! I’ll share the rules each time during the double giveaway day on stories, so no need to memorize them now.

Blush find #1 is up on my instagram stories right now, so make sure you take a look before it expires! I can’t wait to share all these stunning selects with you here and on my instagram stories!


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