I’ve been a die hard curling iron fan for years. It’s usually how I curly my hair as you’ve seen here with my short hair and here with my long hair! Typically, I use a 1inch GHD curling iron. And on occasion for a more wide curl or “the wave”, my 1 1/4 inch. Many of my friends have a wand and I’ve tried them while on vacation together. To be honest, I hated them. I have very thick hair and unless I was doing teeny tiny sections, it did nothing for me.

Until I finally found THE wand. Then it was game over.

Let’s Talk Wands

The look you achieve with a wand curl versus a standard curling iron curl is definitely slightly different. Curling irons tend to be a bit more defined, more “curly” and feel more proper. When you use the wand it’s definitely less curly and has more of a tight wave to it.

So to get the look, I sometimes would use my curling iron like a wand. Due to my hair being SO thick, this was the best way for me to get the look. I’d wrap it around the open clamped curling iron, then clamp down and hold it for a few seconds. This way I got heat all around the hair, but still used the wrap technique to get that wand look vs curl look.

Then I was introduced to the L’Ange wand and my wand views have totally changed. I hated them all up until now. This one gets HOT and only needs to be on your hair for 5-7 seconds max. You can see in the video at the bottom how quick it is. There are also a few options to choose from but if you have heavy, long or hard to curl hair, definitely choose the titanium (it’s a more consistent heat versus ceramic). When choosing a collection at L’Ange, I do the Titanium Lustre since it gets a little hotter, has temperature control and auto shut off. I do the 25mm which usually gives a tighter curl, but you can always make it looser by wrapping larger sections. I personally set mine to 370 or 390 degrees, no need to go higher in my opinion! It’s only $59 too, you can shop it right here.

So here’s how I curl my long hair with a wand. PS this is also how I’ve been curling my new short bob as well. I so much prefer the look of this on my bob now than the curling iron. It gives it a more effortless wavy look than a curl.

Tip One

I break my hair up into small sections and pin the rest up with a clip. Taking 1 inch’ish sections I always wrap the hair downard with the wand also pointing down. It allows you to let go of the hair and let it just fall.

Tip Two

I try to wrap as much as the hair as possible before my finger touches the wand at the end. You can use a glove (it comes with the wand) but I prefer not to. The more you can wrap, the better. That little bit left over will still be a touch straight giving a beachy look. But if you leave out too much, it’ll look undone.

Tip Three

Always finish with my go toKristin Ess Working Texture Spray. I also usually use the Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray to give my hair a bit more definition in the wave. Lastly, always tousle your waves and break them up so things are perfectly imperfect.

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