So you saw my first outfit with this Topshop Horse Coin Shirt (if you missed it, see it here) and you all really liked the styling with the beige corduroy skirt, so what I have done for the second look is kept everything the same, but swapped out the skirt for a pair of AGOLDE Sophie Skinny Jeans in White, to bring a different vibe and feel to the outfit. The other pieces I was wearing are my Mulberry Small Darley in Oak, my Gucci GG Belt in Tan, and my Jimmy Choo Romy 85 Shoes.

I’ve kept the location the same and everything else, so you can really see how different the outfit looks with one piece changed. I was surprised myself actually at how a pair of distressed white jeans makes the ensemble tougher, more casual, and gives it an edge, compared to how chic, feminine and classy it looked before, but both of them still have a playful twist because of the blouse. Since I covered everything else in the previous post, I don’t need to go into too much detail with this article, so I’m going to leave you with the big question of which look you prefer. Do you prefer it with the skirt, or with the jeans? I want to hear your arguments for both! Lorna xx.

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